We Provide Technology Support and Solutions to Businesses Like Yours

Tier Two Consulting is a technology consulting provider that focuses on small and medium businesses in the Portland area, providing them with needed technology solutions and support.

Jeff Brasel, founder of Tier Two Consulting, is a US Army Veteran who proudly served seven years as a Combat Medic. Since beginning his technology career in Portland in 1998, Jeff has accumulated over twenty years of technology experience and knowledge by designing, deploying and maintaining business infrastructure.

Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, state and federal governments, health care providers and accounting firms, Jeff saw a gap in what is available to small and medium office environments. The security, resource sharing and disaster recovery planning that is standard at larger companies is either unknown or unavailable to smaller business owners. Tier Two Consulting works to make these solutions available to businesses like ours by making our clients aware of the options they have to streamline their technology to fit their needs.

Starting a new business or expanding to another site? We can help get your new location up-and-running!